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MVPP, MostValuablePlatinumPlayer

The list of players who has completed the rarest games (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PS5) which has a Platinum trophy during the monthly contest.

Complete games that fullfil the following requirements and they will be included in the MVPP Leaderboard:

  1. The game needs to have a Platinum trophy
  2. The game must have a total value of over 2 000 p (based on the Platimon formula described below)
  3. Your points will only be counted when the Platinum trophy has been earned.

Formula for counting points

A trophy is not the same as a “trophy”. Platinum in Red Dead Redemption 2 should (and is) more worth than platinum in My Name Is Mayo. A platinum trophy is also a lot more worth than a bronze. Your commitment and hard work should pay off. The points are therefore calculated based on how common they are on PSN (Sony) times the value of the trophy: Bronze 15p Silver 30p Gold 90p Platinum 300p.

Platimon formula

For example: A silver trophy is earned with rarity 23%. This would give you 53,1p for this trophy (100%-23%)+1 = 1,77* 30p). A bronze trophy is earned with rarity 60%. This would give you 21p for this trophy (100%-60%)+1 = 1,40*15p) All earned trophies during the contest is your score, as long as the game fulfilled the 3 requirements above.

Dynamic Game List

How common a trophy is, will be set by you, the players around the world depending on how hard a game is. A game is never “safe”, it will move up or down on the games list. If all players are getting all trophies on a game, it’s not a hard game. This will increase how common the trophies are, which mean the total points for the game will decrease. A game might even be excluded, since the total points for the game may go below 2000 p. The same is true for the other way around. A game might be added because it was a lot harder than first shown as more people play it and does not manage to unlock trophies.