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100% Bracket Challenge

The idea behind this challenge is to motivate/help you clear some of your backlog, ranging from games you just started (or forgot about), the ones you stopped playing for some reason but is staring at you every day to the ones where you are just missing that one hard ultra rare trophy.

Complete (get 100%) on 5 games (PS3, PS4, PS5 or Vita) of your choose. You need to select 1 game (A DLC is a "Game". So the completion percentage range is per game.) So within each completion percentage range from your backlog to be able to enter:

  1. Game 1 0% - 20%
  2. Game 2 21% - 40%
  3. Game 3 41% - 60%
  4. Game 4 61% - 80%
  5. Game 5 81%- 99%

Formula for counting points

A trophy is not the same as a “trophy”. Platinum in Red Dead Redemption 2 should (and is) more worth than platinum in My Name Is Mayo. A platinum trophy is also a lot more worth than a bronze. Your commitment and hard work should pay off. The points are therefore calculated based on how common they are on PSN (Sony) times the value of the trophy: Bronze 15p Silver 30p Gold 90p Platinum 300p.

All the trophies you gather to get 100% on the 5 games will be your score. Also, if game has a Platinum which is Ultra Rare, the game will get 200 extra points.

Platimon formula

For example: A silver trophy is earned with rarity 23%. This would give you 53,1p for this trophy (100%-23%)+1 = 1,77* 30p). A bronze trophy is earned with rarity 60%. This would give you 21p for this trophy (100%-60%)+1 = 1,40*15p) All earned trophies during the contest is your score, as long as the game fulfilled the 3 requirements above.

Dynamic Game List

How common a trophy is, will be set by you, the players around the world depending on how hard a game is. A game is never “safe”, it will move up or down on the games list. If all players are getting all trophies on a game, it’s not a hard game. This will increase how common the trophies are, which mean the total points for the game will decrease. A game might even be excluded, since the total points for the game may go below 2000 p. The same is true for the other way around. A game might be added because it was a lot harder than first shown as more people play it and does not manage to unlock trophies.